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This Christmas, thousands of sick and injured pets will be fighting for their lives.

When there is nowhere else to turn, PDSA is there to provide expert treatment and loving care when it’s needed most. A ray of light when owners are hoping for a miracle but are fearing the worst.

PDSA performs life-saving miracles for poorly pets every, single, day. But we’re a charity and urgently need your help. Help us perform even more life-saving miracles for sick and injured pets.

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Bobby – the real life star of our TV advert

Bobby is a beautiful seven-year-old Collie cross, best friend and companion to his adoring owner, Jill. He is a true Christmas miracle after surviving a near fatal illness and his story is at the heart of our Christmas fundraising campaign.

His distressing story began this time last year, when he dramatically collapsed after a Sunday afternoon walk. Jill rushed her beloved pet to PDSA where, sadly, Bobby’s condition continued to deteriorate rapidly and our vets faced a race against time to find the cause of his sudden life-threatening illness. Tests revealed he had an immune system disorder and his life hung in the balance.

Bobby was desperately ill and it was touch and go whether he would survive. The next few hours and days were critical for Bobby. He was placed on a drip and given a high dose of steroids to help fight the condition; he was so weak that our vets and nurses fed him by hand.

His frail body was slow to respond to treatment but, day by day, Bobby grew stronger until he was well enough to go home, in time for Christmas, thanks to the care he received from PDSA.

“I’ll always be grateful to PDSA and their kind supporters. For Bobby, they were simply the difference between life and death. He was my Christmas miracle and having him home was the best present I could have had.”
Bobby's owner

Help us perform even more life-saving miracles for sick and injured pets like Bobby. Please donate today.

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We perform life-saving miracles every day of the year. But we’re a charity and urgently need your help.

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